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About this Vacation Rental

Timbers Cabin 4

  • 2 Bedrooms
  • Sleeps 4
  • 1 Full Bathrooms
  • Pet Friendly

  • 1 Level
  • 700 sq ft

  • Fireplace
  • No Hot Tub


Main Level


Property Amenities

What our Guests are Saying

Awesome cabins full of character! If you've got a significant other or a family then you'll love coming here for a little getaway that beats a hotel any day of the week. The owner is super friendly and the place is really well maintained.

September 2022 | Airbnb

This is a fantastic place we really enjoyed ourselves. Was great that we could just take a walk down to Coys golf course for lunch or dinner

September 2022 | Booking.com

"It's a small rustic resort, but well looked after and very clean. The cabins were well equipped and cozy! We had a lovely, restful stay."

August 2022 | FCVR Direct Booking

This was the cleanest vacation rental I have ever been in. There was not a single cobweb or speck of dust, even on any of the rafters.

July 2022 | FCVR Direct Booking


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Timbers Cabin 4

Fairmont Hot Springs, BC

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